FACTS. my experience at a glance.

B.A. neuropsychology

+ career in artificial intelligence

+ certified in Qigong meditation

= customer experience and user behavior nerd

6 years entrepreneur

+ 2 years multinational company

+ 5 years startup

+ 10 industries

+ over 20 product launches

= lots of white hair

Hi, I'm Elisa. Customer experience and customer relationships are the cornerstone of my strategies and product innovations. These are what will set your business apart as more go digital and automate.

If this resonates with you and you're looking for someone to co-create with, let's chat!

VALUES. what really matter.

SELF-ACTUALIZATION. helping each other to realize our greatest potential.
COURAGE. empowering each other to be our most authentic self.
IMPACT. applying our unique gifts to the betterment of people and planet.
COLLABORATION. connecting intimately with accountability in a diverse community.
PLAY. embracing child-like curiosity, sense of adventure, and awe in our interactions.