TESTIMONIALS. real people, real talk.

Anita Nacion-Vita of Nurse R.I.S.E

PROJECT. launch new services to help nurses decompress and process traumatic events at work

ENGAGEMENT6-month collaboration


I was a start-up not going anywhere. I felt lost and stuck. Overwhelmed and  unclear of what my true heart's desire and calling would be.

I chose to work with Elisa because I loved her business acumen, tech savviness, beautiful positive energy and caring nature. I felt that she vibed with what I wanted to create. Focussing on making an impact in the world vs. just getting customers made it purposeful, intentional, fun and exciting.

Once I started working with her, I was surprised by how much I have progressed in such little time. Tracking my patterns day-to-day made me feel that I was getting somewhere and allowed me to be in the present moment more. Truly enjoying the journey and not beating myself up for not "doing enough".  What I mean by that is that I tend to want to tackle my to-do lists but feel like I can never get to where I want to go because I set such a high bar for myself.  She is able to break down my grand goal and give me the bite-size pieces so that I can still move in the direction of achieving my goals.
Business coaching and consultants support where you are weak and highlight your strengths.  They are able to streamline the mundane tasks so that you do not experience overwhelm and stay the course of your vision. Also, she holds the most beautiful and nurturing space to keep me grounded and focused.  I liked that our relationship was fluid and that is business minded with a lot of heart and soul at the same time.

I went from overwhelm to harmony in my personal life and my business. I learned not to be so hard on myself. I embraced asking for help and assistance when I needed it. I gained clarity in my vision - I know who I wanted to serve and how to serve them. 
I learned a system for setting and going after targeted goals aligned to my vision.  I learned that the customer experience is of high importance and to do everything with intention.  I gained the confidence to keep growing my business.

Start-ups and small businesses who feel lost or unsure of how to grow or expand their business would benefit from working with Elisa.

- Anita Nacion-Vita, RN and Certified Qigong Meditation Teacher

Lyks Creatives

PROJECTproduct performance evaluation. Launch new service to capture children's candid moments.

ENGAGEMENT. 4-weeks of one-on-one coaching

With Camera.jpg

My business was at a standstill. Or maybe a mess. I knew how I wanted it to look like, well so I thought. I knew I needed some help to figure out some structure and some plans to put into action.
The moment I laid my eyes on Elisa, I knew she was someone I'd vibe with!!! Her energy was contagious. For a business “consultant”, I was surprised by how chill and accommodating she is.

One of the biggest lessons I learned was that I have to go out there and meet people and “network”. I have to build connections so that all the things we planned together would start moving. Also, I learned that having another set of eyes who isn't personally attached to your business is really useful. Someone who will ask you the hard questions and make you think. Oh man, there's so much. Brene Brown! 

Since working with Elisa, I actually attend things that will build my community. It's been good to see a plan and actionable steps to take so that my business will grow.

I think any business would benefit from working with her. Person wise, if you love what you do and are passionate about your business, you're gonna love Elisa! She will walk through with you and ask you questions you never thought of asking yourself. You also learn a little bit more about yourself and where you'd like your business to be.


- Lyka Gozon, Founder and Digital Creative

The Radiant U

PROJECTlaunch new services to help career-driven women transition to motherhood, and find support in community.

ENGAGEMENT. 4-week live group workshop


I was intrigued by Elisa's background in tech, neuropsychology, and Tai Chi. Here is someone who knows what it takes to innovate and put a product to market quickly. At the same time, understands human behavior from a personal development perspective. When the opportunity came to be part of HATCH, I knew I had to jump on it!

My biggest takeaway from working with Elisa is that the process of creating something from scratch doesn't have to be overwhelming. I tend to complicate things. I'd been toying around the idea of a new coaching offering for new mamas for months but was stuck in analysis paralysis. Frankly, the offering was such a personal one for me that I had to contend with WHY I wanted to do it in the first place. I had to own my story of motherhood and the struggles that came with the first years of being a new parent and working mom.  She pushed me out of my comfort zone and allowed me to have fun in the creation process. Most of all, Elisa gave me a system that was simple and activities built on top of each other. After working with her for 4 weeks in HATCH, I walked away with a concrete business strategy to work with new mamas of color. 

The skills she taught helped me refine other areas of my business as well. I've gotten clearer on my vision and values, tightened my messaging and branding, honed in on my niches, and finally got my website up. This has opened up more opportunities to work with and co-create with other like-minded, socially conscious entrepreneurs, nonprofits, and women of color. 

As a transformation coach, energy healer, and fellow empath, she was a DREAM consultant to work with. I'm forever grateful for all she taught me. Elisa gets the challenges of entrepreneurs who want to build heart-centered businesses and has a unique way of guiding you to the next level of professional and personal growth.


- Noilyn Mendoza, Founder/Certified Holistic Health + Life Coach/Reiki Practitioner, The Radiant U, LLC.